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Dr. John Wynn, Professional Speaker & Author

Dr. John Wynn & Associates™ organizes, empowers and develop the lives of individuals allowing them to see their lives from a different perspective and thereby empowering them with the tools necessary to transform their thought process to achieve their lifes' goals. 

Areas of Specialty include :  Empowerment, Keynote, Corporate Team Building, Motivational, Organizational Leadership, Schools & Universities, Sports Teams, Political, Fundraisers and Causes.

As an accomplished lecturer, Dr. Wynn has been the invited keynote speaker and presenter for various local and international organizations.  His most memorable occasion is being a viable member on a panel for PBS radio and contributing to the topic of “Evils of the World.”  He is honored by the opportunity to give the invocation for the IACLEA (International Association of Campus Law Enforcement), the NAACP, the Reno Police Department and countless other organizations.  He continues to speak across the world, effectively transcending racial and cultural barriers.  His appearances on international television, national radio, and online internet streaming for nearly two decades are unparalleled. 


Complete details regarding Dr. John Wynn & Associates™, including a full bio can be found on his website at:



  1. President/Senior Pastor at Greater Harvest Church
  2. Empowerment Speaker
  3. President - Youth Empowered to Succeed Program (Y.E.S.)
  4. Presiding Bishop at International Church Fellowship, Inc.


  1. Senior Pastor at Greater Harvest, Las Vegas & Sacramento


  1. Joint College of Bishop's
  2. UNLV
  3. Sacramento City College
  4. Ashford University  




  • New Levels, New D.E.V.I.L.S.
    • J & E publishing in 2001
    • January 10, 2001
    • Authors: Dr. John Wynn


  •  "Wrestling With god"
    • EeGenco Publishing
    • New release coming April 19, 2013,
    •  Authors: Dr. John Wynn


  • D.R.I.V.E.N. Workbook and Training Manuel curriculum
    • Pureword publishing
    • September 2, 2012
    • Authors: Dr. John Wynn


  • Mirror, Mirror, The Movie
    • Screenplay Wynn Films, LLC
    • November 22, 2011
    • Authors: Dr. John Wynn



"The Whole Truth" Magazine : 100 Year Celebration of the Church Of God In Christ Inc. 

Published November 2007



January 24-25, 2013

Chief Apostle, Rev. Dr. Leon Wallace

Breakthrough Ministry - Nassau, Bahamas

February 3-5, 2013

New Bethel Church

303 Tramview Road

Palm Spring CA 92262


Leadership Conference

February 7-8, 2013

1632 Orange Avenue, Long beach, CA 90813


February 10, 2013

Hollywood, CA


College of Bishop

Cleveland OH

March 19-22, 2013



April 15, 2013

Seminar - Houston Texas Juvenile Center

Evangelist Temple C.O.G.I.C

Houston, TX


Book Release Gala

 April 19, 2013

Sacramento, CA


Media Coverage

Reporter Catherine Van


4850 Ampere Drive

Reno, NV 89502

Financing the Future

Daily Sparks Tribune

1002 C Street
Sparks, NV 89431
Phone: 775-358-8061
Fax: 775-359-3837


Teaching Students Financial Literacy


Phone: (775) 858-2222
Fax: (775) 861-4298

Mailing Address:
4925 Energy Way
Reno, NV 89502


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Dr. John Wynn & Associates™

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In your experience working with students who attend your workshops or speaking engagements, what are some of the issues you have learned to be of grave concern to the students today as it relates to attaining their goals?

Issues with their families, not feeling good enough, hanging with the wrong groups of people, and believing that success is out of reach for them are all issues that I am concerned about with every student who I speak to. These issues ultimately can detour them from their goals or even be mental road blocks which cause them not to succeed at achieving their goals.

How can Dr. Wynn & Associates help participants' over all performance ?

Dr. Wynn & Associates help participants to realize their full potential. If a person understands their potential, their performance enhances because they become aware of the options they have.

The day you took the photograph with President Barack Obama, as shown in your gallery, did The President make any interesting comments?

When we conversed with President Barack Obama, an interesting thing he spoke that impacted the way I viewed the election and him as an individual was this: “If I become President, imagine the cap that will be removed off of the minds of young minority men." After hearing these words, I immediately thought about my four sons.

How long are the programs?

The program can be either 9 months to 16 weeks classes, 3 day workshops or 1 day seminars. We base our programs on the needs of those requesting the program.

Also for this program to truly be successful the participant(s) must apply the teachings to their lives daily. Thinking positive and believing in your self is similar to math. There are many different solutions to answer problems; however, you have to continuously practice these solutions or you may find yourself stuck with a problem you already solved before.

Was there a pivotal moment in your life that made you decided to follow the professional career path of an empowerment speaker?

Yes. For me, empowerment speaking is a call in which I cannot escape. I was never satisfied with watching people with greatness and potential not use their skillls and talent. I'm driven to empower others to succeed. I want to give people the tools necessary to remove the mental roadblocks that can prevent them from moving to the next level in their lives. I do this because I understand life has its challenges; I have experienced them. I also know that life isn't always easy, and quitting can't be an option.

How do you receive funding for your programs? Can you receive government assistance?

We receive funding through private funds, grants, and title-1 funds.